Ushering in the year of the dog. Chinese New Year events were held throughout Sydney and Megadeck stages were used as prop stages for three inflatables.

When it comes to outdoor staging and the intricacies that are involved within these settings, Megadeck Staging Australia are the experts. The versatility of the Megadeck stage modules come to the fore in outdoor environments that have uneven surfaces. When used in situations where some or all of the four seasons can be thrusted upon them, the strength and stability that are inherit to the Megadeck staging system is second to none.

A range of options such as adjustable stage legs, custom made supports, bracing and detailed cladding, all work in conjunction to produce a stage for any application that is safe and practical. No two outdoor environments are the same and by using a whole host Megadeck staging accessories, it is easy to erect staging in all kinds of settings. This includes but is not limited to; parks, streets, pools, stairs, walkways and beaches.

Having assembled staging in all of these settings for over twenty years, the experience and finesse that the Megadeck crew bring to each event shines through. The speed the staging is assembled in and the attention to detail without comprise in safety is what makes Megadeck Australia the first choice when dealing with seemingly tricky and impossible staging requirements.

If you have an event that requires marrying a design concept to the particulars of the environment it is to be used in, simply call the Megadeck team. No event is too small or large for the Megadeck crew to construct the type of staging that transforms your plan into a reality.

For more inspiring ideas, head over to the Megadeck website to find out what type of staging solutions we have to offer. Learn more about our stages for rent and purchase in Sydney and surrounding areas.