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When arriving on stage to receive an award or to present a speech, it should be a special moment and a highlight of any event. Generally access to the main stage is a fairly dull affair with simple yet practical access stairs for guests and winners to enter the stage. However at Megadeck we feel it should be a focal point of the stage and for it to integrate seamlessly into the overall stage design and theme.

Megadeck has an assortment of stairs, access stairs and curved steps which can be used to provide a little extra flare for the stage and access to it. No matter what the stage height maybe, Megadeck can provide a safe, functional and effective stairs that are anything but ordinary.

A range of options include tivoli stairs which involve using a collection of semicircular stages to create a wedding cake style set of stairs as can be seen here. Further to this are the curved tivoli which have a serpentine shape to them and can be arranged in small, medium and large lengths depending on the stage front they are to be connected to.

For added effect, the removable step inserts can be taken out and a range of acrylics can be slid into position allowing for lighting effects or certain colours to match the theme of the show.

Easy to transport and quick to assemble, the range of Megadeck stairs can accommodate for all types of events, styles and effects. To see some great examples of what can be achieved using the Megadeck stairs, simply hop onto our website and view the Stairs on our Product page for some inspiration.

If you have a certain concept in mind, simply call the Megadeck team to discuss what stair option you require and we will find a practical solution that will really enhance your next event.

Photo Credit-Sydney Markets


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