The Worldwide Smash Celtic Woman


The much celebrated Irish quartet celtic woman return to Australia for a national tour. The worldwide phenomenon have been touring the globe for over a decade and during their current Australian tour, the four piece will be performing on Megadeck stages.

The multiple level Megadeck stage set is configured in such a way that the visibility for the audience and the accessibility for the performers are maximised. By creating platforms at various heights, it allows for each performer with their own unique set of requirements to have the elevation needed by taking into account their instrument or choreography routine.

Often instruments such as drums or a brass section comprising of multiple musicians, will require an extra-large area compared to that of just a vocalist or keyboard player. Once the venue dimensions are known and the available footprint of the performance space is calculated, it is easy to fit the right Megadeck stage panels to create the tiered platforms needed.

Megadeck has a huge amount stage panels in various sizes which means an unlimited array of shapes and sizes that can be created in order to accommodate every artist in every venue. By utilising the stages in certain height arrangements, the stages as can as be seen in the above image, have the added bonus of being used as steps. This extra element allows for easy access between levels for performers as well as reducing the need for stairs and the footprint they can occupy.

Any performance is about the artist and not the stage but in order to keep the focus on the performers, a discrete stage needs to be used. In this case by using black stage skirting around the risers, it creates an almost invisible platform for artists to use and for the audience to enjoy the performance unhindered by staging and stairs.

The Megadeck instrument risers are the industry standard when it comes to performance stages. Years of experience, a huge inventory and intimate knowledge of venue spaces, brings to any touring artist an invaluable wealth of knowledge that creates a seamless and successful event.

To find out more simply call the Megadeck team or visit our website for more information.

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