Strathmore Secondary College

Strathmore Secondary College Multiuse Stage

Strathmore Secondary College

Multiuse staging is utilising every practical requirement, aesthetic and functionality all at once. As can be seen here with the staging system designed for Melbourne’s Strathmore Secondary College, the tiered riser was more than just staging at various heights. This particular set up included aspects such as a central staircase, custom made cladding, safety rails and purpose built double doors for performers to enter and exit on stage. The modular design of Megadeck stages allows for an unlimited combination of stage arrangements as well as the versatility to be assembled within any venue space and to work within certain space limitations. All staging elements can be fitted out with any number of design aspects such as custom performance requirements like doors and trap doors. This extends to items like bespoke fascia to cover the staging area and theming touches unique to a specific show. For more custom design and stage set ideas simply get in touch with your local Megadeck office and request some additional information and images to find out more.

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