Church stage designs


A church or congregation can benefit greatly from a specific church staging design. Choir staging risers, audience seating risers for religious events, large scale stages for musical performances, and semi-permanent stage installs. The major challenge for organisers is that they may have limited space to install or store staging, and you need lightweight staging that is easy to set up regularly.


Megadeck Staging Solutions suit a wide number of venues, including church buildings and halls. We have a number of church staging options available which can be used to bring your event to life. We are also experienced in delivering choir staging solutions to cater to a variety of arrangements.

The Rollaway deck is easy to assemble and dismantle, making it a versatile piece of equipment for different church staging designs. Our standard Megadecks can also be arranged in rows, as choir risers or audience seating.  As well as this, extensions for existing church staging can easily be added for larger religious events and services.

Church Staging and Choir Risers


Choir Risers


Using Megadeck staging rentals you can accommodate any number of chorale at your local church or congregation. Choir staging arrangements can be configured to suit any venue space, and come with optional extras, such as stage skirting or coloured finishes. Handrails can be provide on the sides and back of the choir risers for extra safety.

Custom Staging

Any specific shape, size or detailed stage can be constructed from the range of Megadeck custom stage solutions. Based on your plans, we can tailor a custom staging solution to your needs. The stage can be made from portable Rollaways decks or semi-permanent standard Megadecks.

Performance Stages


Built for indoor or outdoor use, our performance staging can be assembled at any height, size and shape. All staging accessoriesincluding stage wings, instrument risers, access stairs, stage skirting, mojo barriers and camera risers can be supplied for your church’s next function.

Church Staging and Choir Risers


For particular religious events, including Easter services and Christmas celebrations, Megadeck can provide exhibition stages to increase viewing capacity, increase your existing stage size, provide additional stairs and choir staging.

Hillsong Logo

The Hillsong production team are always impressed with the service and quality of the Megadeck product. Megadeck have yet again done a remarkable job in delivering on time and on budget requirements. The ability to manufacture custom pieces to achieve such a good result is definitely one of the draw cards for using Megadeck.

Hillsong Production Team

St Paul's Anglican Church Logo

St Paul’s recently purchased six choir risers from Megadeck for use in our Christian Ministry. St Paul’s had hired the Megadeck product on an earlier occasion and were won over by its quality and versatility. Hence our decision to purchase. Throughout the process-from our first inquiry; to Megadeck’s quote; adjustments to the order and final delivery-Megadeck has been professional and courteous. Their follow up in particular, is commendable. St Paul’s also found them flexible and eager to please. Their ideas and design are innovative and their staff knowledgeable, punctual and obliging. Megadeck has a range of products and are the people to contact for your staging needs.

Bren McLean
Music and Creative Arts Director, St Paul’s Anglican Church

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