Performance stage design

The Megadeck performance stages are as diverse as the events they cater for. Our staging units allow for an endless array of shapes and sizes to suit the nature of any performance stage requirement. Whether it is robust staging for high impact dance, pneumatic stages for sporting awards presentations, ramps for vehicles or theatre shows, Megadeck has a solution for every option.

Years of experience in the field of setting up unique events and the myriad of engineering challenges that come with has provided Megadeck with a host of design options and solutions that will cover any of your performance staging needs.

In addition to performance stages is an assortment of staging accessories that provide extra features and benefits to main stage builds. These include disability ramps, circular stage thrusts, drapery, tivoli stairs, handrails and lecterns. All of which add to the form and function of performance stages and the unique requirements that come with each event.

Performance Staging

If you have a concept in mind and are curious about how to find a practical solution for your event simply call one of our friendly team to discuss your needs and Megadeck will put together a performance stage that meets your needs.

Dance Stages

Dance stages

Dance stages often require specialised elements in order to provide sturdy and safe performance areas. Chief among these is solid staging to withstand the dynamic loads generate by multiple performers. Megadeck accounts for this with our unique steel staging and bracing system that is capable of high load limits.

Pneumatic Stages

Pneumatic stages

Pneumatic stages are primarily used in the sporting arena for awards ceremonies, half time entertainment and winner’s podiums. Customised rolling stages with inflatable wheels that protect the sporting field is what makes this type of staging so unique. Megadeck can provide standard or curved staging to accommodate for any on field performance.

Car Stages

Car stages

When it comes to display products and making a grand entrance, look no further than Megadeck ramps. Used for vehicle displays, product launches or presentations, Megadeck ramps can be tailored to create functional and visually stunning entry points.

Theatre Show Set Stages

Theatre show set stages

The modular nature of Megadeck stages are perfectly demonstrated with theatre show stage sets. Using various sized stages in multiple configurations and tiered arrangements, allows for a performance piece with multifaceted requirements to be successfully delivered with ease and maximum versatility.

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