Exhibition and product launch staging

The highly specialised nature of exhibit stages brings the creative and custom design fabrication strength of Megadeck to the fore. No two exhibits are the same and Megadeck understands the desire to stand out from the crowd when it comes you unique and interesting design concepts that are as eye catching as they are practical. Exhibits spaces can range anywhere from a small square area where space is a premium, right the way through to large centre pieces that are the main feature of the exhibit itself.

The hallmarks of quality exhibition staging is the marriage between custom design and how closely it connects with the brand it is promoting. Megadeck Australia has a highly skilled design and fabrication team that work in unison to create a practical yet tailored exhibition space that meets your needs and enhances your brand.

Some of the staging elements include display staging, catwalks, back drops, archways, illuminated platforms and stylised staircases to name but a few. Any number of theming elements such as brand specific colours, vinyl decals and perspex can easily be incorporated into your stage concept to ensure your exhibition stage stands out from the crowd.

Exhibition Staging
Exhibition Stages

Exhibition stages

Large scale exhibit spaces can be created with Megadeck’s highly skilled fabrication team. Catering for large numbers of people and design with a safety first approach. Finished to a high level of detail with an ever present awareness of your theme and brand in mind.

Product Display Stages

Product display stages

The fundamental purpose of exhibit staging is that of product display and brand awareness. By using the devilishly simple Megadeckstaging modules, all manner of sleek display tables can be created to suit your product. To highlight key features of any product an array of custom finishes can be incorporated into the stage construction for maximum visual impact.

Performance Stages

Performance stages

During most exhibitions performances will be held throughout the course of the day and with Megadeck staging, an unlimited number of performance stages are available for you to choose from. No matter if it is a fashion runway, musical act and key note speaker, Megadeck has the staging solution.

Special Event Stages

Special event stages

At times it is the materials used on exhibition stages that really bring a product to life. Any number of materials can be used on Megadeck stages to provide the perfect match between display and theme. The type of finish that can be worked into your exhibition stage is endless so let your imagination go wild.

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