Conference and corporate stage design


You may have a guest speaker coming to do a seminar and need a small presentation stage with a lectern. Or you are putting together a corporate convention for your company and will need a large stage for multiple presenters, with disabled access ramps. As venues are small and are used multiple times a day, you need prompt and professional service to have the stage set up and packed down within a schedule.


Megadeck provides corporate staging solutions for your business’s diverse needs and requirements. As an industry leader in stage hire and stage sales, we are constantly looking to improve our corporate stage solutions as businesses continue to evolve and develop in the workplace.

Our corporate staging factors in the individual needs of each event and the type of client to provide manageable and effective staging options. Stage hire for your corporate event has never been this simple or accommodating with a wide range of products and bespoke designs available depending on corporate clients needs.

Megadeck Staging, especially the Rollaways, were created with corporate venues and tight spaces in mind. These corporate staging solutions can fit into small lifts and be assembled quickly and easily in conference rooms. Disabled access ramps can be set up alongside stages at varying heights. Presentation and display stages can be created to suit the look of the event, with company decals, logos or branding applied.

Presentation Stage with Lectern
Presentation Stages


For special events requiring a stage for corporate speeches, awards and ceremonies, Megadeck can provide a range of sizes, styles and shapes to meet your corporate staging needs. This includes elegant stairslecternspodiumsdrapes and media walls.

Discussion Panels


When hosting an event with guest speakers for an AGM or shareholder Q&A’s, Megadeck can provide an array of different sized and shaped stages for discussion panels. To personalise the event, company logos and colours can be applied to the staging.

Rollaway Stages

The ideal staging for any corporate space is the Rollaway stage. Mobile, compact, lightweight and easy to use. The Rollaway portable stages are perfect for reoccurring corporate staging needs as it can be set up 60 seconds and offers maximum versatility.

Display Tables


Utilising the wide range of Megadeck stages and shapes, a unique product stage can be designed to accentuate your product of choice. A selection of surfaces, colours and styles can work to display or define display tables for corporate staging.

Commercial Hospitality Group Logo

As president of the South Melbourne Business Association I would like to thank Megadeck for putting my hotels onto the Rollaway decks. We use them nearly every day for our corporate meetings, team presentations, live music the ease to which we are able to set up and pull down is unbelievable. We are able to neatly store them away and the fact that they are on wheels means that one person is able to do this on their own, keeping labour costs down.

Sam Tresise
Managing Director , Commercial Hospitality Group

Lowy Institute Logo

We have been extremely impressed with the service of the Megadeck team and the quality of their product. From initial inquiry to installation, the team at Megadeck were extremely helpful and responsive. The stage is super easy to use and to pack away and has saved us so much time.  We couldn’t speak more highly of Megadeck, thank you!

Tara Pienaar
Events Manager, Lowy Institute

Stage hire for your corporate events

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