Event staging and stage design

Whether it is a small ceremony stage for a presentation or a large scale event with hundreds of attendees, Megadeck has you covered. Our extensive inventory allows for the creation of staging on any scale, in any location. Our modular stage pieces are combined to create any shape and size required, all completed with the staging accessories required for event staging.

What makes us the staging specialists is that Megadeck can tailor your event staging requirements to suit any style of event imaginable. Able to be installed in tight areas, uneven outdoor areas, national events across the country or highly customised set pieces, it is all a part of the Megadeck service to provide structurally sound and eloquent staging for the events community.

A whole host of design finishes and custom features can be incorporated into the overall Megadeck event stage. Providing unparalleled versatility, Megadeck takes your conceptual plans and mirror these ideas seamlessly into a practical event stage that is built on time and on budget.

Event Staging

Integrating Vectorworks design and CAD plans into our CNC machining ensures highly detailed and efficient process are fully employed to guarantee precision staging. To find out more simply call and discuss your requirements with one of the friendly team to see how we can provide your event stage.

Presentation Stages

Presentation Stages

Presentation stages can be accentuated by incorporating some of the key Megadeck stage accessories. These include set pieces such as flats with decals, curved stairs for a grand entrance, lecterns for speeches and illuminated features to highlight the main stage. All manner of accouterments can be woven into a simple stage design for maximum impact.

Government and Council Stages

Government and council stages

For ceremonies and announcements, a customisable Megadeck stage is the perfect fit. Able to be installed in any setting, for any occasion. The adjustability in stage size, colour finish and personalised elements make it a go to product for any event experience.

Conference and Corporate Stages

Conference and corporate stages

Transforming a blank venue space into a stunning event location is easy with Megadeck staging. By utilizing the wide array of angled stages, curved stages and standard stages that Megadeck has to offer, creating a bespoke event stage like no other is super easy.

Special Event Stages

Special event stages

If you want to stand out from the crowd and wish to create a memorizing event stage, Megadeck can provide an assortment of options for you. Staging over pools, clear acrylic catwalks, rotating platforms and audience risers to name but a few.

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