Custom staging design: CNC machine

As a massive injection into manufacturing potential, Megadeck has added the addition of a CNC machine to our manufacturing capabilities. Opening up a plethora of design and fabrication options to all of our customers, the precision and efficiency CNC work will streamline any event preparation.

In addition to the enhanced capabilities that a CNC machine can offer, Megadeck possess a team of trained CAD designers and CNC operators to help every step of the process. We can take virtually any drawing and convert it to a workable CAD design which can then be programmed and exported to our CNC machine. Once loaded, the efficient and voluminous work commences with exact precision. Our operators oversee every operation to ensure there are no delays or issues during this process. Once completed the products are safely packed and ready for delivery or collection.

CNC machine
Table Size Cutting


One of the key benefits in using the Megadeck CNC machine is the oversized table. Measuring 3600mm x 1800mm, the extra-large surface allows for use of large sheets in cutting and preparing materials that would otherwise be unachievable. This comes to the fore when installing panels, fascia and branding that requires not just maximum width and height as well. The large single sheet use provides additional design options which easily translate into functional event materials.

Cutting Design Stage


A raft of various drill bits allows for the ability to cut and route an array of materials including; plywood, MDF sheets, acrylic perspex, composite panels and Alu bond. The precision cutting ensures what is set in the design stage is exactly what is replicated in the finished product. We can faithfully replicate any given design or provide advice on what is required to turn your concept into reality.

Expert Designed Stage, CNC Machine


Our trained operators have a wealth of experience in all aspects of design and fabrication. The multi-faceted understanding and execution of design into production is fundamental in turning any plan into a stunning end product. Further to this our expert knowledge in materials, their limitations and applications is a key feature in bringing your event to life and showcasing your display in the best possible way.

Custom Stage, CNC Machine


When collecting your finished product you can choose to either dispose of the unusable elements or simply let Megadeck dispose of the waste items for you. Every material requires the correct disposal and recycling methods to ensure no unnecessary landfill and this is but one more additional element Megadeck can take care of to create and quick and easy process for your event.

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