Custom stage design

The remarkable versatility of Megadeck staging is at its greatest when it comes to custom staging. Bring your wildest stage design concepts to life through our tailored made approach of incorporating existing Megadeck staging products and uniquely fabricated stage elements into one living and breathing work of art. At your disposal is a quarter of a century of know-how and expert craftsmanship that can take an idea which may be considered impossible and turn it into seamless build with the littlest of fuss.

There is no terrain, venue or location that Megadeck staging has not conquered. Our proven track record of bespoke staging speaks for itself. Megadeck brings its vast experience into each and every event so no matter if you are looking for a one off stage for an event or a permanent staging solution for a venue or performance requirement, the customisability of our staging will provide you with the sort after result you need.

Our advanced computer software will design your staging to produce the essential framework for your exact specifications which is then added to by the use of materials and surfaces that take the finished product to resemble that of a show stopping piece.

Custom Staging
Custom Stages


The custom stage Megadeck delivers for your event begins with an initial idea. Expanding upon the basic concept, we can fabricate the elements required to elevate the overall stage design to a level of perfection. The design process is a fluid one which is not limited to traditional staging conventions which culminates in a custom stage unlike any other.

Outdoor Stages


Outdoor staging often poses many construction limitations requiring a custom solution. Megadeck can design staging to suit any terrain and environment with an attention to detail and an eye for safety. Our skilled technicians can assemble your custom stage for peace of mind and efficient installation.

Circular Stages


Megadeck has a wide range of circular staging to cater for any performance requirement. Able to be clad in any material and finish allows for an endless array of design options that can be easily fabricated.

AV Stages


Using an assortment of shapes in staggered heights, complete with custom cut outs for lighting and audio visual, our custom staging can be tailored to any size needed. By incorporating various hardware into our custom stage, any additional items can be factored into your stage layout.

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