To showcase the season launch of Simone Pérèle’s latest line, Megadeck Staging provided a simple yet effective catwalk. The T-shape catwalk is an ideal stage configuration for runway shows due to the accessibility for models and sightlines for guests.

When models enter an open catwalk that does not have a back drop, arriving from stage left and existing stage right lends itself to a T-shape design. Walking up a set of stairs, down the stage thrust followed by a return and exit on adjoining stairs, allows for a continuous stream of models.

The modular Megadeck staging units allow for an unlimited array of shapes and sizes when formulating design concepts requiring a catwalk. Further to this, the stage height can be tailored to any requirement so it is complimentary to venue.

Often the venue in which the event is hosted sets out certain parameters that dictate a set of conditions such as a certain stage height. Yet all of the potential variables that are idiosyncratic to each location can be easily overcome with the modular Megadeck staging. In the case of Simone Pérèle, the event was held in an area that was best suited to using compact, mobile Megadeck staging. Quickly wheeled in to position and just as quickly assembled, the skilled Megadeck team had the catwalk installed in a matter of minutes.

Any number of textures, colours and finishes can be applied to the Megadeck stages meaning that any theme or branding style can be mirrored for complete consistency. Megadeck has a huge gallery of images and stage designs to give you some inspiration for your stage concept. Simply ask any of the Megadeck team for some information on a type of stage or finish and we can provide you with additional information. Alternatively just visit our website for more design ideas.

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