Simply Ingenious School Performance Stage

Megadeck Shore Grammar School Stage

Simply Ingenious School Performance Stage

Clever with its rotating, dual set, this versatile Megadeck stage created for Shore Grammar School required the subtle incorporation of some special features.

School performance staging – the challenge

The concept for this Shore Grammar School performance required a setting with a sturdy base platform to support a rotating, two sided set. One side was to be an apartment building which required a multi level stage setting. When rotated, the stage would reveal the second set which was to be a rehearsal room. 

The design also required the inclusion of several fully operational doors for the performers to enter and exit through during the performance. An additional  requirement was for handrails, necessary to keep the staging safe for all participants and the audience. Some creative thought was needed to incorporate a multitude of cunningly placed special features into the design for it to meet the clients functional requirements while creating a visually realistic dual setting.  As always, the multi skilled Megadeck team embraced the challenge of designing and creating a functional, safe and visually appealing stage.

The stage creation 

The ingenuity is in the underpinning of simplicity and this approach was perfectly demonstrated in the construction of this stage setting. A low riser Megadeck stage provided the sturdy base platform which allowed for rotation and for the entire set to be spun around during the performance to reveal the second set on the other side. 

For the performance area, the multi level setting was created using a tiered arrangement of staging and the requirements for fully functioning doors, mobility and handrails were met and built in to the original design concept. The doorways were needed for the actors to enter and exit the stage during the performance and were expertly crafted into the stage construction by the Megadeck carpentry team. Subtly placed special features ensured the functional requirements of the stage were met as well as providing visually realistic sets. We never lose sight of one of the most basic fundamentals of any stage setting…safety! 

We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our stage settings are completely safe which was demonstrated by the integration of handrails into the design to provide the balustrades needed to keep the performers and audience alike, safe at all times.

Our next staging challenge?

Do you have a performance, event, show, display or demonstration coming up and you need a visually amazing, fully functional and safe stage setting? Do you have a vision for your staging or need assistance in creating a design? Contact us today to talk to our creative team and find out how we can design and create the perfect stage setting for your next event.

Turntable for revolving stage
Handrails for safety
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