Shire Vibes Festival Staging


As 2017 rolls along it is worth stepping back for a minute and looking back on some of the summer events that took place in January using Megadeck instrument risers.

One of the new entries to the events calendar was the inaugural Shire Vibes held at Cronulla beach.

Celebrating Australia Day, Cronulla Park played host to a line-up of artists ready to give punters a two day feast for the senses. Adding to the huge stage, Megadeck provided instrument risers for numerous bands. The instrument risers were used in various ways so as to accommodate different performance requirements by several artists.

The Megadeck instrument risers come in a variety of heights and sizes with two key benefits. Firstly and unlimited number of configurations. The varied shapes can comfortably accommodate any instrument or group of performers. The second benefit is meeting any size specifications. International touring acts often have their own set requirements for size, height, surface and manoeuvrability. This can easily be achieved with the Australian made Megadeck product. This eliminates the need for artists to freight and tour their own local equipment. A clear cost saving and less labour intensive exercise.

Working with musicians and festival directors for over 20 years, Megadeck has the experience needed to work with local and international production managers so as to pull off a seamless event each and every time. No two tours are the same but with a long history of working with events and musical acts, you can rest assured that when you use Megadeck staging for your concert, it will be smooth sailing.

To see how some of the Megadeck stages are used as instrument risers, DJ tables or main concert stages, simply visit our website. Explore some of the different products to see the many applications in which they can be used. Alternatively you can simply call the team and one of our friendly staff will assist with your needs.

Photo Credit: Sutherland Shire Council Monde Photography

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