Shen Yun Flies High with Megadeck Stage Extensions


Returning to Sydney this march is authentic and highly successful dance performance by Shen Yun.

Performing at the Lyric Theatre Sydney, Megadeck stages helped create a stage extension to accommodate performers and props used throughout the show. Huge back drops, technological innovations and large dance troops all equate to a larger than usual stage requirement.

One of the many uses for Megadeck stages is turning an unusable space into a functioning and workable area. All too often venues have sections of a space that is either a void or has some obstacle. This includes such objects as a pillar that prevents the use of a performance space. Where others simply say it cannot be done, Megadeck says, when would you like it built.

Our huge range of stages in various sizes and our capacity of fabricate any custom size stage pieces ensures that any area can be used. By understanding the exact nature of each performance, Megadeck can put together a specialised stage configuration that will guarantee a safe and effective staging solution.

This is neatly demonstrated with the stage extension for Shen Yun at the Lyric Theatre. In what is normally a deep and open space for the orchestra pit, Megadeck provided the staging to fill in this section. This not only acts as an overall stage extension but a seamless finish to allow performers the extra space they require to do their routines.

When it comes to providing stage extension and stage infills, Megadeck has the answer. Our experienced team and carpentry departments have the knowledge to make any space one that is right for your event.

If you have an event coming up that has restrictive venue space or obstacles preventing complete use of the area, simply call Megadeck to see how we can help.

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