Sometimes all you need to transform a standard stage into an unusual stage are curved stage extensions. Megadeck has a huge variety of semicircular and circular stage extensions.


No matter what the width of your stage may be, Megadeck has a curved extension to suit. Starting with our tiny 1.2 metre diameter semicircle stages through to the epic 13.5 metre diameter semicircle, it is as easy as deciding on what size you require.

As stage extensions are predominately used at the front of the stage, a suitable type of access stairs are required to allow performers and guests to easily make their way on and off stage. Megadeck has curved extension step infill sections to match any semicircle curved diameter. These infill sections bolt onto the Megadeck stairs and perfectly align with the stage front for a seamless finish.

To add extra impact to the performer or guest arrival on stage, the Megadeck stairs can have coloured inserts set into the step fronts so they can be either a unique colour or illuminated with back lighting for that extra wow factor.

If no stairs are required and the curved extension is the focal point of the stage, using our custom hard fascia can accentuate the stage further. By having a custom coloured applied to the stage fascia or a custom decal affixed to the fascia, it is hard to miss and exactly what you need when making a statement.

When adding curved extensions to stages, it can be an idea to add more than one so as to highlight the semicircle thrusts. This is particularly helpful when having multiple performers or guests on stage whereby a large curved semicircle extension is placed in the centre of the stage and smaller semicircle curved extensions are added to the sides, flanking the main curved stage extension. This provides designation positions for performers or guest speakers and creates a wonderful, flowing curved aesthetic to the overall stage.

To see the range of curved staging Megadeck has to offer simply visit for more detailed information.