• Structural 15mm timber top.
  • Diameters- Range from 1m – 1.2m.
  • Operating height is 350mm.
  • Rotation can be set for clockwise or anticlockwise movement.
  • Variable speeds are easily set with remote control.
  • Equipped with a safety switch, the turntable and stage can be stopped instantly if required.
  • Surfaces – include black timber top, black acrylic, white acrylic and painted finishes.
  • Australian made.

The turntable is a motorised stage that is connected to mains power. It operates in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner and has variable speed settings. The speed can be set for continued movement or increased/decreased movement whilst in operation.

The remotely operated turntable can be operated at a distance. To disguise the inner workings, black or white stage skirting can be applied to the stage for a neat and tidy finish.

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