Three Quarter Longdeck

Weight specifications

  • alloy Three Quarter Longdeck with plywood or carpet top: 14kg (30lbs).
  • Dimensions1800mmL x 600mmW x 188mmH (metric) or 5.90ft L x 1.96ft W x 0.62ft H (imperial).
  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium for a light yet strong frame.
  • Routed timber top edges ensure a safe and smooth finish. Precut connection points on all four sides of the Megadeck allow for modular stage configurations. Secure stage legs with star bolts make for quick and easy installations. Stage legs with black end caps for protection of flooring.
  • Structural 15mm timber top.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • KPA rating of 6.6 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 1800KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 500KG for concentrated loads.
  • Australian made.



This mid-sized DJ table perfectly suited for a moderate amount of DJ equipment. Wide enough to accommodate 2 x CDJ’s/Turntables, 1 x Mixer and 1 x laptop. The truss frame of the stage can also be used to affix monitors and accessories. Further additions include the option of locking/rolling castors if a quick turnaround between artist sets is required. A range of hard or soft fascia’s can be attached to the stage to hide or accentuate the DJ table.



Used in a tiered configuration, the Three Quarter Longdeck will fit in any venue space to form a choir riser. A valuable addition to the range of Megadeck stages, the short and narrow dimensions means it will fit together to accommodate the specific number of choral for your particular event.



The narrow width and shallow depth of the Three Quarter Longdecks are often used for a monitor lip stage. Set slightly lower than the main stage, it wraps neatly around the stage to form a border which monitor and speakers can rest on. To complete the monitor lip stage, black stage skirting can be attached to not only hide monitor cables but also make for a neat and tidy finish.



When catering for a small private function or a large scale event, the Three Quarter Longdeck makes for a great portable food station. Either on fixed stage legs or on locking/rolling castors for easy movement between activities on the night, the food station is an innovative idea for caters and production managers alike. Clad in an opal acrylic fascia, the sleek stage simply bends into the overall theme of the event

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