Staging Tops

Staging Tops

Each stage from the Megadeck range can have the plywood top removed, and replaced with a carpet, acrylic, vinyl, steel mesh, or even AstroTurf® top.


Megadeck stage tops are generally manufactured for our hire stock with either a black plywood or black carpet top. The plywood can be painted in the colour of your choice, or custom carpet can be ordered to replace the carpet top. Each Megadeck stage top is easily removable. Plywood tops are ideal for dance performances, where a smooth, unobtrusive surface is required. Carpet tops work well in the corporate setting, to minimise onstage noise and clatter. A steel mesh top is also available, for an industrial look, or when smoke machines will be used from underneath.


Megadeck Staging has a range of acrylics constantly in stock, which can easily be swapped over from a plywood top. To shine light through the decks clearly, a clear acrylic top is used. To create a softer, more dimmed appearance, the clear and white acrylic tops can be used together to provide illuminated stages. Otherwise, to save on weight and acrylic applications, the white acrylic can be applied directly onto the plywood top. This maintains the look of the white acrylic, however, can not be illuminated. Black acrylic tops are also a popular choice, to provide a sleek and shiny black stage. This is most popularly used in catwalks and fashion shows.


Vinyl can easily be applied directly onto a Megadeck plywood top. The effect is a much higher gloss than acrylic tops, and the ability to have a wider range of colours to choose from. Other stage pieces such as fascia, steps and flats can also easily be covered in vinyl, for a uniform and seamless look for your next event.


Often used for a sporting theme, Astro Turf can be applied to Megadeck stages for a functional and aesthetic finish. Trimmed to size, the Astro Turf can fit on any stage shape or size for a fun and unusual finish. A wide variety of grades, colours and textures of Astro Turf is available to suit your intended use, location and budget.


Specific stage tops such as raw timber can be applied to the universal Megadeck stages. If you require a rustic or industrial look, using raw timber tops overlayed onto the Megadeck stage with exposed trussing can make for a natural look. Timber stains and varnishes can be applied to the stage tops for a specific shade or colour scheme.


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