• Weight specifications:
  • Alloy Quarterdeck with carpet or plywood top: 12kg (26lbs).
  • Steel Quarterdeck with carpet or plywood top: 21kg (46lbs).
  • Dimensions: 
  • 1200mm L x 600mm W x 188mm H (metric) OR 3.93ft L x 1.97ft W x 0.62ft H (imperial).
  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium for a light yet strong frame.
  • Structural 15mm timber top.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • KPA rating of 6.6 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 1800KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 500KG for concentrated loads.
  • Australian made.


The smallest DJ table in the Megadeck range, the Quarterdeck can hold a modest amount of DJ equipment. Generally used with 1 x CDJ or turntable, 1 x Mixer and 1 x laptop. The Quarterdeck is often used as an extension to the standard DJ table for an extra-long performance space. Further additions include the option of locking/rolling castors if a quick turnaround between artist sets is required. A range of hard or soft fascia’s can be attached to the stage to hide or accentuate the DJ table.


The Quarterdeck is the perfect sized stage for product shots and product displays. The stage can be set up in store to elevate a product to catch the eye of passers-by, as well as decorated in a variety of materials and colours for added visual impact. It can also be used as a stable platform by photographers for product shots against a cyclorama. A huge assortment of stage legs means you can pick the height that is best suited to your product display or shoot.


The compact Quarterdeck can be used as a functional work station. Either as a permanent or semi-permanent table that can be assembled and relocated with ease. A range of finishes allows for options that include a defuse opal acrylic where light can be shone underneath to illuminate the table top.


Often used as a viewing platform for, the quarter deck is ideal for an elevated and stable structure. Either assembled to go over an obstacle or to reach a specific viewing height, the platform comes with matching stairs and handrails for safety.

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