Pool covers

Pool covers


Pool covers are a great way of expanding your space for the perfect birthday, wedding, anniversaries, or summer party with friends and family. The ideal pool stage design should provide you with a chance to create a lasting impression to your guests while ensuring that you get a practical solution to your space needs. From simple timber flooring to well-engineered acrylic panels, the options to transform your swimming pool are limitless. 

We provide homeowners, hotels, resorts, and other aquatic venues with a variety of practical, custom-designed pool stage solutions that are fit for every occasion. If you’re looking for that extra space at your backyard, our pool cover stage rental services provide a clever and unique solution. We also offer additional finishes such as handrails to give the extra security needed in your event.


Options And Finishes

At Megadeck, we have a variety of pool stages, and pool covers suitable to add to the total footprint of usable space for your event. Our pool cover designs and finishes are versatile to fit any budget, allowing you to have your wedding ceremony, family party, cocktail hour, or entire reception on top of your pool!

Some of our pool covers can be installed to cover the same area as your swimming pool while others are designed to rise above the ground to create a perfect stage for DJ equipment, dining tables, or a simple dance floor. They can be tailored for both small and larger applications and are extremely flexible to fit even in the most challenging situations at the most effective price. Our standard black ply top covers are robust enough to accommodate a sizeable number of guests comfortably. But if you’re looking for a truly picturesque pool stage, the acrylic pool stage allows the in-built swimming pool lighting to light the stage for an ambient, mood-lit party at night.


Design And Safety

At Megadeck staging, we ensure that each pool stage rental comes with uniquely engineered systems that adjust to any shape, size, and pool depth of up to 3m. Our pool covers come in a variety of designs to meet your decor, theme, and budget. Each pool cover is unique to suit your needs. We understand that the needs of a candlelit dinner are entirely different from those of a high-octane, DJ-themed party with a 200-people dance floor. That is why we are particular in using industry-standard, load-appropriate stage decks as our pool stage surfaces for maximum security and to provide you with the peace of mind that your guests will be safe atop the pool. 

We will help you choose the most viable solution for your pool, providing you with a design that is safe, installs easily and looks great for your dinner party, dance party, wedding or other special events. 

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We are passionate about our range and ensure that we deliver our services with the highest levels of workmanship. Our highly experienced team continue to push the boundaries of pool stage installation while consistently exceeding our client’s expectations – one event at a time. 

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