Pool covers

Pool covers


Birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve celebrations, summer… All the perfect time for a celebration. If you’re holding an event or function in your home, and need a little more room in your backyard, a Megadeck pool stage is the perfect solution to accommodate all your guests and create an unforgettable dancefloor.

Megadeck can place staging in and over your pool, a clever and unique solution for those looking for extra space for their guests.

Simple timber flooring or clear acrylic panels can cover a certain part or the entirety of your pool, for a stunning yet practical space saver. Handrails can be added for extra security

Options and finishes

Megadeck pool stages or pool covers, come in an array of options and finishes to suit any budget. The standard black ply top option allows you to create a simple pool stage that can serve as a podium for dining tables, DJ equipment or a simple dancefloor.

You can utilize your pool’s in-built lighting by going for an acrylic pool stage, which will gently allow light through the stage structure while your guests party into the night.

Design and safety

Megadeck pool stages can accommodate any pool size and shape, and pool depths of up to 3m. All our pool stages are structurally sound, and we protect the flooring of your pool using special rubber feet. This provides you with piece of mind and allows you to enjoy the festivities.

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