One Eighth Deck

One Eighth Deck



  • Weight specifications:
  • Alloy One Eighth Deck: 5kgs (11lbs).
  • Dimensions:
  • 600mmL x 600mmW x 188mmH (metric) 1.96ftL x 1.96ftW x 0.62ftH (imperial).
  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium for a light yet strong frame.
  • Routed timber top edges ensure a safe and smooth finish. Precut connection points on all four sides of the Megadeck allow for modular stage configurations. Secure stage legs with star bolts make for quick and easy installations. Stage legs have black end caps for protection of flooring.
  • Structural 15mm timber top.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • KPA rating of 6.6 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 1800KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 500KG for concentrated loads.
  • Australian made.


The often overlooked 600mm x 600mm one eighth deck is an incredibly helpful stage piece when it comes to staging extensions. Its unique dimensions allow for it to be used in conjunction with other stage pieces to create shapes and sizes that would not otherwise be achievable. This unit can also be used to fill in small and awkward areas where larger stages simply cannot go.


To display a tournament trophy the one eighth deck is the perfect stage. It can be positioned inside a venue for the moment of presentation or set up outdoors to be received by the winning team after the final siren. The stage can be tailored with decals to match the sporting team or code colours.


Often used for exhibition, demonstration, art work or pop up activations the one eighth deck is regularly used by artists. With no two shows being the same, each display or event is different and Megadeck can tailor your stage design based on the unique properties of your event.

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