Megadeck Steel

Megadeck Steel


The steel Megadeck is perfect for large-scale installations, particularly for outdoor events or festivals. When there is a large number of elements involved in a staging system, it’s important that the base is strong. The steel deck is the ideal stage hire when this is a concern. This extends to the need for a stage that can endure high-impact activities. A 17mm structural timber top and robust design contribute to a KPA rating of 7.2 (2100kg kilograms of disputed weight). This means the steel Megadeck stage is more than capable of handling high amounts of activity and distributing the impact of weight accordingly.

  • Constructed from high grade steel for a light yet strong frame
  • Structural 17mm timber top.
  • Measures-2400mm wide x 1200mm long x 188mm tall
  • Weighs 60KG, a weight well within safe lifting limits.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm
  • KPA rating of 7.2 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 2100KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 700KG for concentrated loads
  • Australian made


The superior load bearing capacity of the Megadeck steel stages are perfectly demonstrated with their frequent use as car display plinths. Able to withstand tremendous loads, the steel stage can be assembled to cater for any size car or heavy duty product display.


The inherit strength of the Megadeck steel stage means that placing any props, especially heavy duty props, can be safely and easily displayed. Our range of steel stages in various shapes and sizes means that we can provide a suitable display stage for any sized prop.


When it comes to filming, the Megadeck steel stage is a grips best friend. Versatile in its applications, modular for various configurations and ability to be used indoors or outdoors. Items such as jibs are often heavy and require a stable, level base in which to move and record a performance seamlessly which is why the steel stage is the industry standard for film and television.


By virtue of tiered risers such seating or audience, a huge live load is directed to the stage and in particular that of the lowest tier. This is when the Megadeck steel stage comes to the fore as its extreme weight bearing limits are ideally suited for us heavy load applications such as tiered risers.

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