Portable Dance Floor for Hire and Sale


  • Surface The hardwearing laminate top of each portable dance floor panel is bonded to the frame and substrate with a neoprene base.
  • Panel Dimensions 1230mm L x 1230mm W x 20mm H
  • Panel Thickness At only 20mm in height, the Megadeck portable dance floor makes the for ideal low profile flooring for any indoor and outdoor event.
  • Weight Specifications A mere 19KG per 1230mm x 1230mm panel makes for a lightweight yet robust dance floor.
  • Installation Time In less then 15 minutes, this fully operational portable dance floor is ready for use.
  • Existing Flooring A soft dance floor backing ensures that any existing venue flooring will remain protected.
  • Edging The tapered dance floor edges, the safety of guests entering and exiting the dance floor is greatly enhanced.
  • Modular Sizing Allows for different dance floor configurations such as: 6m x 3.6m, 6m x 6m, 7.2m x 4.8m and 9.6m x 6m


The rich almond tones of the dance floor panels are the perfect colour for a noticeable but subtle dance floor. Often existing venues or ballrooms have a parquetry floor and by placing the Megadeck portable dance floor on top of the existing floor, it becomes obvious for guests where the dance floor is located without distracting from other elements of the event.


Made of 6063-T5 tempered aluminium. Each corner utilises a large ‘L box’ gusset weld for superior strength. A low 11° slope makes floor entry and exit smooth and easy. Each edge spans two adjacent panels for a secure vice-like lock with no chance for panel separation.


Constructed from aircraft grade 6063-T5 tempered aluminium. Smooth strong welds are achieved via a special Helium MIG welding process. The aluminium lip encases & protects dance surface corners and sides and provides a smooth transition from panel to panel.


Each panel houses 60 Neodymium type 30 permanent magnets. This provides over 180 KG of self-locking and holding power perpanel. All magnets are nickel-plated and have a chamfered edge.

Lightweight, high strength structural foam (crush resistant up to 139 PSI) is sandwiched between multiple layers of fiberglass and high-pressure laminate top & bottom surfaces.

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