Control Desk

Control Desk



  • Standard Dimensions: 2400mm T x 1200mm W x 70mm D.
  • Custom Dimensions: Can be any height, length and width required for specific event or venue.
  • Narrow Returns of 600mm can be attached to the sides.
  • Constructed from lightweight pine structure with MDF front.
  • Supported a 600mm deep A-Frame with weighted shot bags for stability.
  • Alterations -Include custom colours, vinyl decals, wall papering and cut outs for objects.
  • Australian made


By flipping an idea on its head, a range of new concepts can be achieved. In particular, for the AV industry, having a standard flat flipped on its side allows for a partition/wall to be created. The control, sound desk can be hidden from view of an audience. Fully enclosed and supported, the control desk walls are a handy trick of the trade.

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