This L shape bolt connects all stage pieces to one another. By inserting it into any of the precut holes in the stage frame, it feeds through any adjoining stage and is secured with a wing nut. It is also used to bolt access stairs and steps to stages.


The handy railclamp is used to secure stage frames together when due to certain stage configurations, the standard bolt holes are out of alignment. This ensures a safe and secured combination of stages.


When tiering stages such as choir risers or seating risers, the leg irons are used to secure one level to the next. The leg iron wraps around two stage legs and is securely fastened by a bolt and nut.


For stages of equal width or depth that are positioned on top of one another, the leg locators ensure that the top stage is fixed. Acting like a sheath, a stage leg will sit inside the leg locator and encompasses the stage leg. The leg locator itself is fixed into the lower stage as an anchor point.


To lower or increase stage height with fixed stage legs, leg jacks simply wind up and down until the desired height and level is achieved. An upturned stage leg fits over the leg jack and is inserted into one of the four corner posts of the stage. For reasonably level areas, straight leg jacks are appropriate and for sloping ground or curved surfaces, swivel leg jacks are the ideal solution.


By using quick twins, one stage leg can be used in place of two. This not only reduces the amount of equipment required but helps when building stages on uneven surfaces so as to reduce the amount of leveling required.


As the name suggests, this four-way leg saver is used when adjoining four stages. Often used in large scale builds or on uneven surfaces, the quick quad saves time when installing and makes tricky locations such as grass, pools and sand, a lot easier to build on.


Used to attached stage skirting to the sides of a stage. The velcro strip is attached to the stage frame and secured with a velcro bolt. Various velcro strip lengths ensure that all sides of all Megadeck stages can be skirted. For narrow stages, the 90-degree corner Velcro strip wraps around the side of the stage for a neat and tidy finish.


Fixed or swivel, the scaf clamps are used to secure lengths of pipe to stage legs for added bracing and safety. For particularly deep stage arrangements such as multi-level tiered risers, longer lengths of bracing are required which is where the scaf clamps come into play. Fastened to each stage leg, scaf clamps act as bracing points for a rigid stage.

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