Runways & Catwalks

A special event usually requires a custom stage design to compliment the look and theme of the event. You need staging to match precise colour combinations or a specific stage shape for the festivities. You require a special event stage that will look exactly as you imagined, and most importantly, will be safe, sturdy and functional to accommodate all your guests.

Megadeck Staging has worked on many special event stages, large and small, and can tailor a staging plan to your theme and budget. We have created many weird and wonderful stages, so if you have a concept for your special event stage, let us design and implement it for you.

Megadeck is the leader in custom staging systems. All Megadeck staging is fully customisable; stages can be made in any size or shape, and are constructed from a combination of standard and bespoke stages to create a wholly original concept. All manner of finishes, colours and effects can be overlayed to personalise custom staging systems to suit an event for you and your client.

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