Complete any stage setup with one of Megadeck’s lecterns. We have two different styles to choose from – a robust, industrial style lectern, or a more sleek, clear acrylic lectern. Taking just a few minutes to set up, both styles of lectern come complete with XLR jacks and are microphone ready.

About Megadeck Lecterns

Elevate your presentations and speeches with a lectern from Megadeck Staging. Ideal for boardrooms, auditoriums, educational institutions, and event halls, our podium lecterns offer a spacious surface to place your notes, laptop, or speech materials.

Our lecterns have been widely used for many events and stages across Australia, and by a wide range of speakers, from politicians and celebrities to educators and students. The key to a compelling speech lies in presentation, and a lectern from Megadeck can be your great supporter, whether you’re delivering an extensive lecture or a brief address. A lectern not only helps with organising your content but also serves as a visual anchor, ensuring your audience remains attentive and engaged. For enhanced audibility, our lecterns are microphone ready, ensuring every word resonates.

Megadeck lectures and podiums are also cost-effective, portable and easy-to-install with just a couple of minutes to set up, perfect for trade shows or on-the-go presentations. Our lectern collection for hire and sale features two different styles: a robust, industrial style lectern, or a more sleek, clear acrylic lectern, suitable for different events, from private weddings, parties through to corporate and formal events.

A lectern is more than just a podium; it’s a tool that boosts your confidence and enhances your speech delivery. To further enrich your presentation, you can also integrate visual elements like images or videos. In such setups, the lectern can be placed to one side of the stage, ensuring the audience can focus on both the speech and the visual elements.

With Megadeck Staging, you’re not just getting a lectern; you’re investing in a platform that amplifies your message. Our range is designed to cater to diverse event and stage needs, with smooth audio equipment integration, ensuring your voice carries, regardless of audience size. If you want to customise your lectern, decals can be applied to the face and sides to match the theme or style of your event. Feel free to get in touch and discuss this with our staging specialist. You can also choose to buy or hire our lectern, depending on your needs and budget.

To complete your event stage, learn more about other staging products we are offering, such as media walls and event backdrops, drapes, dance floors, disabled access ramps, and more. Megadeck is the leading Australian company in stage hire and stage sale services, providing portable stages and custom stages to events of different sizes across NSW, VIC, and QLD.

Discover the perfect lectern and podium for your needs at Megadeck today.