Image Courtesy of Ollie Griffiths Photo & Film & Grayboy Entertainment and P&O Cruises Australia

One of the many things cruise liners offer their travelling guests is entertainment and what event wouldn’t be complete without a live performance.

On board the P&O Pacific Explorer, ‘Rock Anthems Of The Ages’ produced by Grayboy Entertainment is one of the many entertainment options for guests and to help bring the stage show to life, some Megadeck Staging was required.

Being a rock performance implies that the many standard musical instrument risers requirement for a show such a drum risers, were an obvious element to the show. Namely because of the sightlines gained by having a drummer who is traditionally and the rear of the stage, elevated high enough to be seen by guests. The non-standard staging in this performance were custom circular stages as can be seen in the image. Although Megadeck Australia has a wide selection of curved staging, these particularly small stages were fabricated exclusively for this event. The small diameter meant they could be used in a variety of ways for the different elements within the show. At one point, they are used as podiums to sing and dance on and at another point, as tables to coincide with the theme of the show.

What these two types of stage represent is the way in which a mixture of standard, off the shelf staging can be incorporated with bespoke and custom made staging to get the best of both worlds. Megadeck Australia has a huge inventory of staging spread throughout the entire eastern seaboard but for events requiring something a little extra or a little out of the ordinary, it is very easy to custom make exactly what is needed for each event. This ensures that the right type of equipment is supplied for each specific event and can overcome the many obstacles involved when putting on a show.

Difficult venue access, existing obstacles within rooms, specific event needs and limited timeframes are no longer a problem when you combine Megadeck Australia’s standard stage options with bespoke fabrication.

To see similar examples of custom staging simply visit the website to see what types of staging solutions Megadeck Australia can provide.