Megadeck stage a hole in one at The Presidents Cup

Interactive car display

Megadeck stage a hole in one at The Presidents Cup

Hole in one! This Megadeck display stage was purpose built for a display at the Presidents Cup, held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. 

Interactive car display
Interactive Car Display

The Presidents Cup

The prestigious event saw some of the world’s greatest golfers in action, in a series of men’s golf matches between a team representing the United States and an International team. As well as approximately 180, 000 live spectators, the widely televised event drew the attention of viewers from millions of households worldwide, making it the perfect outlet for high visibility product placement. The reason for choosing this status event to appeal to a wide reaching audience is self evident. When luxury brands wish to showcase their products, they need a stage setting with the focus on a high quality finish and broad sweeping reach, having a usable and interactive display as seen here is a must. Megadeck understands the need for a fully functional, high quality but subtle setting, allowing the displayed products to shine. 

The Challenge

This staging platform needed to be constructed on an undulating outdoor area, requiring the ground to be levelled to a precise height, to provide a solid foundation for strength and stability. This presented no problem to the highly skilled Megadeck team as we are experienced in preparing all types of terrain for outdoor staging. The stage design for showing off these luxury brand vehicles required a sturdy base platform with the strength to withstand the weight of the display. It also required an open, interactive style to give attendees easy access to view the display while also keeping it highly visible to the millions of television viewers. 

The luxury display

Megadeck understands the need for a detailed and premium finish with a quick and efficient turnaround. In keeping with the prestige of the event and the vehicles on display the setting was required to be aesthetically appealing as well as functional. To provide a high quality but subtle finish, we applied a specialised flooring, creating a semi-gloss, wood grain finish and the external cladding and flat panels were finished in a black timber. The roof structure and canopy was the last piece of the puzzle and was engineered to withstand any of the environmental conditions that may occur during an outdoor event.

Megadeck car stage
Outdoor Car Display Stage

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