Product Displays with Megadeck Plinths

Megadeck Plinths

Product Displays with Megadeck Plinths

What better way to display a key object than on a Megadeck plinth. Suitable for any item, the plinth is custom made for your event and build to your exact specifications. Taking into account the display piece, the dimensions of the plinth can be tailored to best suit the height of the piece, the sufficient space it requires and the overall finish of the plinth. In some instances a simple white plinth is desirable for its neutrality whereby the focus remains on the display item and in other instances, a specially coloured plinth is required to match the branding colour and theme. All of which is easily created by the Megadeck production team to produce the type of plinth that best suits your needs. The humble plinth has a myriad of uses including tech displays with laptops, awards for presentations, trophies for ceremonies, stands for floral arrangements and podiums for product displays to name but a few. A raft of accessories are available for any plinth including; textured finishes, decals, lighting fixtures or mouse holes for cables to be discretely hidden away. If you have an item that you would like to showcase, simply get in touch with the Megadeck team to find out how we can design and construct the perfect plinth for your event.

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