Megadeck DJ Table, A Festival Favourite


As summer heats up, so does the number of music festivals all around the nation. Megadeck DJ tables have become synonymous with festivals and is the industry standard when it comes to professional equipment for touring artists.

Preferred by production managers and musicians alike, the simple yet stable Megadeck DJ table provides an efficient instrument riser required for the quick turnaround needed between acts in a fast paced festival schedule. For musicians, having a DJ table that meets the working specifications needed by international and local DJ’s allows for a seamless transition from what they know and use regularly, to what is available on the Australian touring circuit.

The variability of the Megadeck DJ table is one of its key features. Available in four sizes, the DJ table can cater for a small CDJ and laptop arrangement, through to a full sized set piece with multiple turn tables, monitors, CDJ’s and laptops.

Further to this is the option of static stage legs if the DJ table is to remain in a fixed position throughout a performance or rolling. When a DJ table needs to be moved or a number of artists each with their own set up, need to be on and off stage quickly, the locking / rolling castors on the DJ table make transitioning easy.

Any number of design and theme additions can be added to the DJ table. Whether it be LED panels around the stage, perspex fronts for back lighting, monitor racks or splash guards, by attaching them to the Megadeck DJ table frame, the options are endless.

Megadeck DJ tables are available to hire which allows for the DIY production manager or artist to create what they like or our skilled design and manufacturing team can prepare and install all your custom elements ready for collection at any of our national offices.

Megadeck DJ tables

Full-sized DJ table
Full-sized DJ table: allows for 2 x CDJ’s/Turntables, 2 x Mixers and 1 x Laptop.
Mid-sized DJ table,
Mid-sized DJ table: accommodates 2 x CDJ’s/Turntables, 1 x Mixer and 1 x laptop.
Hobby DJ table
Hobby DJ table: for DJ enthusiast who doesn’t quite need the professional Megadeck DJ riser.
Smallest DJ table
Smallest DJ table: generally used with 1 x CDJ or turntable, 1 x Mixer and 1 x laptop.
Curved DJ table
Curved DJ table: accommodate 2 x CDJ’s / turntables, 2 x Mixers and 1 x Laptop.
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