How to choose between a DJ or band for a party

DJ or Band Party Stage

How to choose between a DJ or band for a party

Torn between hiring a DJ or band for your party? Here are some important factors to consider:

1. Type of party

If you are hosting an intimate party such as an engagement party requiring deep emotional and memorable connections, the live instruments and vocals of a band will get the job done better. A band rendition among other forms of live music is better than DJ music for an intimate party.

2. Space

If your party venue has limited space, hiring a DJ is better since you’ll only need a DJ booth to hold the mixer. Although there are great DJ stage rental services offering unique stages, bands still require more space to set up. A typical band will need a stage that can accommodate a drum kit, pianos, microphones, and band members comfortably. When looking at stage rental for a band, you need to allow performers the freedom to showcase their talent without limitation.

3. Cost

A DJ is cheaper to hire than a band. However, the opposite can be true. For instance, a popular DJ can be more costly than a little known band. All in all, bands tend to be more expensive, given DJs aren’t playing live instruments or using live vocals. Furthermore, band stage rental costs are generally higher for obvious reasons.

4. Versatility

Bands tend to be rigid, with fixed playlists that are restricted to certain songs. The instruments on stage at a particular moment tend to dictate the type of songs/music that can be played. DJs can play any song genre imaginable at the touch of a button. If you want versatility, a DJ can offer that perfectly. He/she can even play guest requests with ease. Bands renditions risk making a good song sound terrible.

DJs can also entertain your guests nonstop throughout the night. Bands need frequent breaks which can compromise the energy of your guests. Last, but not least, a DJ can be able to adjust accordingly to match the music preferences of your guests. He/she can get and play music online in an instance if guests prefer songs that are not in the playlist or set. If you hire a band, your guests are restricted to the band’s musical capabilities. If the band can only play one genre of music, your guests will have to put up with such music for the entire night.

5. Time

If you need entertainment for a whole night, hire a DJ. Bands are more suited for short performances lasting a few hours.

Your choice between a DJ and band for a party should be made after considering the above factors carefully. Although staging and DJ/band hiring costs are among the most critical factors, you can get great deals and control cost by working with a reputable stage rental company. You may not have to choose between a DJ and a band. A good staging company can provide a stage that allows multiple performances seamlessly.

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