You have an event coming up and one of the guests speakers needs a disability ramp, what do you do? That’s easy, simply call Megadeck to discuss what type of disabled access ramp you require and we can assist.

There are many variables to consider when accommodating for wheel chair access. Megadeck has been providing disabled access ramps for over 20 years and here are some of the common issues to consider. What is the height of the existing stage? This can be the single biggest determining factor in providing the correct disabled access ramp. Simply because for the ramp to be compliant with health and safety standards, it must follow a certain gradient. The length of the ramp is calculated by the stage height and subsequently dictates what floor space will be left available.

This is something that is often overlooked and can cause issues when factoring in seating arrangements and the number of tables and chairs that a venue can hold. Megadeck can provide detailed floor plans based on the stage and disabled access ramp for you so you can rest assured that when the day comes, your stage, ramp and seating plans will all fit perfectly.

Based on seating arrangement and stage position, the disabled access ramp can be placed in a number of places. The most common position for the disabled access ramp is off to the side of the stage for easy access. Although being a modular item, the ramp can be placed front row and centre or behind the stage with a landing as can be seen in the above image.

The disabled access ramps come complete with handrails as well as the option of tactiles for the visually impaired. Depending on your exact event requirements, Megadeck can put together a custom package for a one off show or for semi-permanent use.

To see similar images you can visit our gallery page or watch the You Tube clip to see how the Megadeck disabled access ramp works.