A custom half NBA basketball court for Adidas Free to Create event

Custom NBA Basketball Court for Adidas Free to Create

A custom half NBA basketball court for Adidas Free to Create event

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Megadeck, in conjunction with AV1 was proud to provide and install a full spec, half NBA basketball court in the heart of Sydney’s World Square to stage the recent Adidas Free To Create event. The stage was required to be strong and supportive to handle any dynamic loads that occurred during the sporting performance. The surface of the stage was skinned with a black top, complete with grit paint for the extra traction necessary for the sporting demonstration. In addition to strength and traction, the stage needed to be visually appealing and realistic looking. To achieve this and ensure the lines of the court were precise, millimetre perfect CNC routed markings were cut into the stage skin and finished in a striking white for the night time event.

Also, crucial to any basketball court is the hoop and backboard which sat on top of the sturdy Megadeck steel stage with ballast weights to provide the necessary strength and support. The final finishing touch was a hard black fascia to all sides of the stage. The temporary structure was designed to be quickly installed and removed for convenience and to comply with the time constraints placed on performances and events in public places.


If you have a product launch or sporting stage requirement, look no further than the creative team at Megadeck to provide the perfect stage set up for your special event.

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