What makes Megadeck, Australia’s staging specialists? Our selection of all types of staging. When it comes circular stages, the choice of sizes is second to none. We can provide round stages suitable for all types of use. Anywhere from 1m round stages for models or props, right the way up to huge 12m diameter circular stages for use in some the largest of venues. Mid-size round stages are ideal for speeches and instrument risers such a piano stages. A huge selection of stages in standard diameters provides options galore but if you require a particular sized round stage, Megadeck can custom make one specifically for your event.

Standalone circular stages are simple and easy to install but to maximise the impact of the staging, why not use multiple round stages stacked on top off each in form of Tivoli rounds. By having a large round stage as a base and adding smaller round stages of proportionate sizes on top, a wedding cake style arrangement can be quickly created.

As with all Megadeck stages, the modular design means the sections come in smaller units whereby you can create semi-circle stages which can butt up to a straight edge of an existing stage. This creates an effective set of stairs to enter / exit a stage for a performance or ceremony.

The stages themselves are just one element to the overall theme as they can be tailored to suit and event. This entails painting the stages to match a colour scheme or company logo and complimented by matching fascia so the stages marries up with the colour of your choosing.

The option of styles does not end with painted finishes but also includes a range of acrylics such as coloured, and clear acrylics. This allows for special lighting effects such as under lighting the stage and making a real focal point of the circular stages.

Access on and off stage is made even easier with Megadeck’s custom curved steps which match the curvature of the round stages for a seamless connection.

To enquire about any of our round stages simply visit our website to view the image gallery or call us to discuss what type of circular stage you need.


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