Myer Autumn Racing Launch


With attention divided between the filly’s on the track and the fashions on the field, all the glitz and glamour will be on display at randwick racecourse this weekend.

To showcase the fashion lines Myer will be putting into stores, the Autumn Racing Fashion Launch was recently held at Hotel Centennial. The face of Myer, Jennifer Hawkins was front row and centre of the launch to show off some of the latest in designer wear. In presenting the various designers and garments, over 20 models were present displaying a huge range of styles.

After each model individually showed off the designer threads, they all came together on the Megadeck tiered riser for a group photo. The opal acrylic two tier riser was perfectly measured to fit within the physical limitations of the venue whilst accommodating for exactly the right number of models. To add a splash of colour to the tiered riser, the Megadeck stages were clad in a red vinyl wrap. This clearly provided a specific touch and branding to the riser for maximum impact.

This small but effective tiered riser is yet another example of the versatility of the Megadeck staging system. No matter the venue, the small of the area available, the quantity of people using it or the specifics of the build; including colour, height and finish, it is all very easily achieved.

Often the greatest limitation in hosting an event is not the bottom line and dollars and cents but the venue itself. Each as unique and different as the next, venues determine the type of staging that can be used. The beauty of using the Megadeck staging system is that all the modular units can be used in creative ways to make any type of staging work in any venue.

To see similar example of tiered risers in use simple check out our website for more details.

Photo Credit: Myer & Lucas Dawson

Megadeck Tiered Riser
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