Above and Below Megadeck Staging


As this amazing aerial image captured by a drone demonstrates, the Megadeck pool staging provides a stunning yet practical solution for added venue space.

Areas that are traditionally a void and unusable space such as pools, can be fully covered to fill in a region that not only increases the available real estate for events but can become a focal point of the event itself.

By using a combination of Megadeck stages including white staging and clear acrylic staging, a beautiful area can be created with the greatest of ease. From initial site inspection, to detailed drawings, a plan is put into place to account for all location specific challenges. This when executed ensures a prompt and safe installation of Megadeck staging for any event requirement.

Utilising over twenty years of experience in the field Megadeck can install any size and shape staging that is perfectly tailored to your event. Safety is of the highest priority when it comes to staging and even more so in situations with their own unique challenges such as aquatic staging.

Megadeck technicians trained in the difficult scenario of underwater staging work in conjunction with qualified divers so as to guarantee that crew, patrons, the venue and the environment are safe and secure.

If you require aquatic staging for your event, simply call the Megadeck team to find out how we can assist. Branches in NSW, VIC and QLD means we can service CBD and regional locations which broadens the scope of possible event locations for use.

To see a range of options and past examples of aquatic staging, just ask one of our friendly team members for some images and conceptual ideas. Alternatively just browse through our website for an overview of the products we use and how they can be configured to create amazing and practical staging solutions.

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