Easy Setup

Disabled access wheelchair, car and custom ramps can easily be set up to provide instant site access. You can assemble it yourself or have our team do the work for you.


Builder's Code Compliant

Each Megadeck disabled access ramp is Builder’s Code compliant, assembled at a slope ratio of 1:14 according to height, complete with level landings, kickrails and handrails.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Depending on your venue, Megadeck can create a ramp of different shape configurations, to accommodate small spaces and existing stages.



Each Megadeck ramp works seamlessly with other Megadeck stage pieces. Megadeck ramps can form part of the main stage or be the focal point of your event.

Megadecks Custom Stage Ramps

With any of Megadecks stage rentals, there is either a pre-built ramp that can be attached or a custom-built ramp which can be developed in order to cater to any special circumstances.

Megadecks compatible stages come in many different forms, all capable of fulfilling different circumstances. Ramp hire may be for a completely functional purpose, providing access to someone in a wheelchair, or allowing for the easy unload of equipment in a specific space. A ramp rental may also serve aesthetic purposes, helping to tie a modern stage design together.


bmx bike ramp

Megadeck can design a custom ramp to suit your specific requirements and to work within your space limitations. The ramp can be used to simply transport equipment from ground level to stage level. Other options include performance ramps for individuals making their way on stage or through custom sets. These can also be used to bridge an area of varying widths, angles and heights.


megadeck car ramp

To make our car platforms accessible, Megadeck has car ramps that help vehicles easily drive on a platform from 200-450mm. Free standing and removable, the Megadeck car ramp is a safe and quick staging solution for vehicle movement. For car platforms greater than 450mm, we have a range of ramp solutions incorporating our heavy duty steel stages which allow for vehicle access.


disabled access wheelchair ramp tactiles megadeck

The Megadeck wheelchair access ramp is designed to allow for safe and easy access to stages of various heights. Complete with handrails, stage skirting and vision impaired tactiles, the Megadeck wheelchair access ramp is suitable for use in a wide range of areas including; school halls, corporate environments, outdoor areas and private functions.

After a whirlwind couple of weeks organising the final stages of our Day of Inspiration, I would like to thank you and the guys for organising the stage ramp. Your guys were fantastic and set up and bumped out with ease. We have received positive feedback from our guests which is always wonderful. We look forward to working with you again for our next Day of Inspiration

Jacqui Parshall

Director, Eventify