deck hire - Megadeck

Easy assembly

Megadecks are simple to assemble. One deck can be assembled and ready to use, at the desired height, in less than a minute.



Megadecks easily connect with all other Megadeck staging to build the stage of your desired size in minutes.



Megadecks are easy to use and have no sharp edges or pinch points. All Megadecks are rated to Australian standards by Test Safe Australia.


Megadecks start from a lightweight 37kgs, meaning they are easy to transport, carry and assemble with ease.

Megadeck Staging Rentals

The Megadeck stage is the most reliable and functional stage solution we have on offer. Why do you think we called it the Megadeck stage? Available in both alloy and steel, this stage solution can be easily integrated into the many different staging options available and is open to custom stage alterations depending on your specific requirements.


megadeck plywood stage

The Alloy Megadeck stage is as versatile as it is sturdy. With a suitability that extends to most stage requirements, the staging system can be used inside or outside, for exhibition or performance pieces and has modular stage solutions available. Most importantly the Alloy Megadeck is safe. Precut connection points on all four sides allow for custom designs to be safely put into place, the legs are secured by star bolts and black cap protect from any flooring damage. As well as this, the Megadeck stage has a high KPA rating, meaning it can withstand large amounts of pressure. In this case, 1800kg’s of disputed weight can be placed on the stage.


megadeck steel stage

The steel Megadeck is perfect for large-scale installations, particularly for outdoor events or festivals. When there is a large number of elements involved in a staging system, it’s important that the base is strong. The steel deck is the ideal stage hire when this is a concern. This extends to the need for a stage that can endure high-impact activities. A 17mm structural timber top and robust design contribute to a KPA rating of 7.2 (2100kg kilograms of disputed weight). This means the steel Megadeck stage is more than capable of handling high amounts of activity and distributing the impact of weight accordingly.

Accessories For Megadeck


Megadeck Stage Legs

With various stage legs available, the alloy or steel Megadeck can be adjusted to different heights. This makes the design more versatile and able to cater to constantly changing stage requirements.


Megadeck Stage Steps

Stage steps are an essential component of design as well as a necessity for safety reasons. Megadeck staging has aluminium or steel step frames, as well as some exciting designs such as illuminated steps, or the curved or corner steps.


Stage Bracing

The bracing components of a Megadeck stage connect all the interlinking parts that come together to create a fully realised staging system.


Stage Handrails

Handrails can be connected to surround an alloy or steel Megadeck stage. Standard handrails, white perspex handrails, heavy-duty handrails and stainless steel handrails are all available and provide safety and security on stage.