Steel Deck, Megadeck

Steel Deck Details

  • Constructed from high-grade steel for a light yet strong frame.
  • Structural 17mm timber top.
  • Dimensions:2400mm wide x 1200mm long x 188mm tall.
  • Weighs 60KG, or 134(lbs).
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • KPA rating of 7.2 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 2100KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 700KG for concentrated loads.
  • Australian made.
Large Scale Events, Festival Staging, Concerts Stages


Do you require sizable staging for an outdoor event or festival? The Steel Deck is often used on productions involving a large number of elements with the stage doubling as a stage first and foremost but also support for festival needs. These include truss support for lighting, rigging and marquees. The KPA rating of 7.2 ensures that the robust stage can withstand a tremendous amount of activity and distributed weight.

High Impact Stages, Dance Stages, Performance Stages


Dance and performance stages often involve a live load capacity that requires a strong and robust stage like the Steel Deck. The Steel Decks have a 17mm structural timber top which adds to the overall strength and rigidity of the platform, making it a far superior high impact stage. For added strength, a second skin can be applied or for specific dance events, a Tarkett surface.

Car Platform, Steel Deck, Riser


One of the most common applications for the Steel Deck is its use as a car platform. Safe, reliable and used in a diverse array of locations. Steel Decks can be installed for car stages in venues, hotels, outdoor areas, on grass and on sloping ground. An assortment of different sized Steel Decks allows for construction of a car stage suitable for any vehicle.

Camera Riser, Jib Riser


To provide sturdy and level camera risers, the steel stage is ideal for the TV and film industry. A staple for any grip, the steel stage can be used by operators with light weight cameras or to support heavy duty jib’s. Able to be installed in any terrain, it is the go-to stage for recordings of any kind.

LED Riser, LED Wall


Video panels for LED screens when connected have a combined weight that often needs to be supported by a sturdy structure. The Steel Deck can be used to support such weights. The various Steel Deck sizes allow for a minimum of 600mm in depth for support and can be extended to increasing depths specific for each event.