Standard handrails

Megadeck Handrail


  • Standard handrails are required for stages 1000mm and taller.
  • Handrails are easily installed and attached with custom backing plates and bolts. All standard handrails are compatible with the full range of Megadeck stages.
  • Constructed from high-grade Steel for a light yet strong frame.
  • Secured -With custom backing plates and bolts.
  • Measures¬†– 1200mm tall.
  • Sizes range from 600mm wide through to 4800mm wide.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • Colour – All standard handrails are black.
  • Australian made.
Megadeck Handrail


Although standard handrails are not mandatory for stages under 1000mm, it is often a wise decision to use handrails where the general public will be entering and exiting on stage. Some instances will only require a partial handrail to fill in a gap between a stage and section of the venue/environment which is where our range of different sized handrails come into play.

Megadeck Handrail


Having performers working at height and often in low light conditions, it is important to know that a safe and protective structure around the stage can be achieved with standard handrails.

Megadeck Handrail


With a wide range of steps and access stairs available, a matching assortment of step handrails can be supplied for assisted access on stage.