Portable school stages

The Challenge

When looking for the perfect portable school stage, easy setup and safety are paramount. A temporary stage that is modular and can be set up in a variety of different arrangements and locations is desirable. School staging intended for a play or performance or used for weekly assemblies, also needs to be lightweight and versatile.

School Stage Hire

Megadeck Staging Solutions know how to create the perfect school stage. Our lightweight Rollaways are perfect when you need to arrange a stage quickly and easily for impromptu speeches and performances. Megadeck can also create custom stage sets for plays and theatrical performances utilising our stage pieces, steps, drapes, flats and stage skirting. All of Megadecks school stage hire options are lightweight, portable, adjustable, customisable and above all else, safe to use.

Megadeck has a variety of school stage hire options for any school event

Disabled access ramps

disabled access wheelchair ramp megadeck

Our disabled access ramps are suitable for school stages of all varying heights and comply with the standards of the Builders Code of Australia. Tactile tiling can be applied to the ramps, and kickrails and handrails are also available for extra safety, which is essential for any type school staging.

Rollaway stages

rollaway stage megadeck

The Rollaway stage is the ideal school stage hire option. Mobile, compact, lightweight and easy to use. It is set up by just one adult in under 60 seconds and comes in either a black timber top or black carpet top surface depending on your preference.

Multi purpose stages

multi purpose school staging megadeck

No matter the application, Megadecks school staging creations are the safe, reliable and lightweight option for all schooling needs. Performance stages, drama blocks, choir risers, outdoor staging, awards presentations and so much more. All complimented by school stage hire accessories such as disabled access ramps, stage skirting, drapes, lecterns, stairs and handrails.

stage extensions

stage extensions megadeck

If you require a semi or permanent school stage extension, Megadeck staging can match your existing stage height and can be used to create a variety of shapes, sizes and performance requirements. The school staging extensions work seamlessly with existing stages.

I would like to express my gratitude and fully endorse the services and products provided by Megadeck…The seating risers allowed us to have rows of seats at gradually increasing heights, and after an evaluation of the concert, the most frequent positive response was about the seating arrangements. The service and professionalism displayed by the staff at Megadeck, both in the organisation and installing of the risers was excellent. The crew arrived on time, were friendly and helpful. They were also very considerate of safety and provided railings around the structure.

Andrew Quinane

Music Teacher, Mount St Benedict College Ltd

The Megadeck Rollaway Staging was purchased by the College for use in our new Multipurpose Centre. The mobility and ease of operation due our attention to this product. We love its key features – strength, portability and contemporary appearance. Megadeck Rollaways exactly suit our needs. The College is happy to recommend Megadeck to school customers and have done so amongst our Anglican Schools and Churches.

Ross Whelan

Principal, Thomas Hassall Anglican College