Festival, music and performance stages


The Challenge

Creating the perfect performance and music stage can be a challenge when you require different stage segments for the performers, musicians and musical instruments. You need a stage that allows the performer to showcase their talent and a supportive and sturdy music stage for the band and musicians. If there are multiple performances in one venue, a stage that can be easily set up and moved around is very important. These are all things that need to be considered when choosing a music stage hire option.

Performance & Music Stage Hire

Megadeck Staging provides lightweight, customisable and portable music stage hire options for the performance industry. Our drum risers are the perfect choice for all sizes of drum kits and can be wheeled on and off stage easily. Megadeck DJ tables are excellent platforms for DJ mixers. The KPA rating on the Megadeck music stage hire options means we can accommodate grand and baby grand pianos with ease as well.

Megadeck has a variety of Music Stage Hire Options Available

concert stages

concert stage megadeck

Built for indoor or outdoor use, our concert staging can be assembled at any height, size and shape. All music stage hire accessories including stage wings, instrument risers, access stairs, stage skirting, mojo barriers and camera risers can be supplied.


dj table deck megadeck

A selection of DJ table sizes ensures the perfect match between equipment and space. Smaller units for CDJ’s and single mixers, through to larger versions for multiple mixers, turntables, CDJ’s and monitors are available. Choose between static stage legs or locking/rolling castors for easy movement on/off stage.

Instrument risers

instrument risers megadeck

No matter what the instrument, Megadeck has the right music stage or combination of stages to elevate musicians to the height required. A range of surfaces can be supplied for comfort, safety and special FX. Choose between static stage legs or locking/rolling castors for easy movement on/off stage.


piano riser megadeck alicia fox photography

Using heavy duty steel stages, strong and stable staging can be achieved to accommodate baby or grand pianos. A range of shapes, colours and finishes can be applied to the piano riser to suit any event music event.


Having just dealt with the Mega Deck dudes for our Justin Bieber gig, I found the MG teamsters to be rad & efficient at their job. Magical Megadeck were great and made everything easy.

It was one smooth transaction!

I shall be returning!”

Tippi Oberman

Production Coordinator, Channel V

When it comes to planning ‘Australia’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend’ (AUDW) and ‘Drumscene Live’ (DSL) an integral part for us to deliver a smooth running and successful event, is to ensure that all artists feel Rock Solid and Comfortable with the drum risers we provide. Megadeck Drum Risers and Staging Systems are simply the best!

Frank Corniola

Managing Director, Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend