Sports events and outdoor stages

The Challenge

An outdoor stage for a sporting event has its own unique prerequisites. If you are building outdoor staging on a sporting field, you may need a stage on pneumatic wheels requiring good manoeuvrability. You may require audience risers and seating for a great number of spectators. Or a simple winner’s podium to showcase the successors of the day. Outdoor stage hire needs to accommodate a large number of people, be sturdy, safe and be set up and packed down within a strict schedule.

Megadeck Outdoor Staging Solutions

Megadeck Staging has a range of portable staging options in different shapes and sizes to create the ideal outdoor stage solution for your event. Pneumatic wheels can carry a large portable stage with ease over a football field, while rows of Megadecks can be joined together to create tiered seating risers for spectators. Our various sized round stages can create staggered winner’s podiums. Megadeck also works in almost any terrain, creating a perfectly level and sturdy outdoor stage.

Megadeck has a variety of Outdoor Stage Hire & Sports Staging Solutions Available

Outdoor Stage

stadium outdoor staging nrl megadeck

Megadeck staging is perfectly adaptable to uneven terrains and can be set up in a way that does not affect underlying surfaces, such as grass or stone. We have portable staging that can be moved into ideal spaces. Our modular staging systems can also adapt to varying heights and space restrictions, to create a safe, sturdy and seamless outdoor stage.


winner's podium megadeck

No sporting celebration is complete without a podium presentation to the winners. Megadeck has a range of square, rectangle or circular podiums at a range of heights to accommodate individual or team presentations. Sporting colours, logos and numbers can be applied to the podiums, while each podium can be easily incorporated into portable staging designs.


pneumatic stages megadeck

Preserving the sports field surface is paramount. With Megadeck’s pneumatic stages, wheeling a stage on and off the field is not only a breeze, but ensures a safe and damage free transport of staging for either presentations, half time entertainment or broadcast equipment.


uneven terrain stage megadeck

Working on uneven surfaces is no problem with Megadeck staging. We have a wide variety of staging solutions and experience when it comes to working in areas that are outside the norm. We can also create custom staging to accommodate a particular area or requirement. Megadeck can easily adapt outdoor staging design to suit your terrain, with portable staging options that can also be adjusted to suit uneven surfaces.

For years we’d been using old, unstable and extremely heavy pieces of staging that took more than 3 people half an hour to put in place, and took up ridiculous amounts of storage space. With the Roll-Away it takes 1 staff member less than 10 minutes to set the staging up entirely from start to finish. It looks immaculate, professional, and solid. We recommend this product, and the Megadeck company, to anyone that’s willing to listen!

Markus Eschmann

Club Operations Manager , The Australian Golf Club

Megadeck has been integral in finding a solution to building our reserved seating for over two thousand people at the Glamstand events. The crew at Megadeck know their product and what it can do, they undertake thorough planning and the execution is meticulous.

Bev Lange

CEO, Bobby Goldsmith Foundation