megadeck plywood stage


  • Weight specifications:
  • Alloy Megadeck with plywood or carpet top: 36kg (79lbs).
  • ​​Dimensions:
  • 2400L x 1200W x 188mmH (metric) 7.87ft L x 3.94ft W x 0.62ft H (imperial).
  • Routed timber top edges ensure a safe and smooth finish. Precut connection points on all four sides allow for modular stage configurations. Secure stage legs with star bolts make for quick and easy installations. Stage legs with black end caps for protection of flooring.
  • Suitable working heights range from 200mm – 2400mm.
  • KPA rating of 6.6 meaning each Megadeck can withstand 1800KG of disputed weight.
  • Point Load of 500KG for concentrated loads.
megadeck plywood stage


The alloy Megadeck stage is designed for use in a variety of performance spaces. This can range from small theatre productions, mid-sized end of year school performances through to large-scale stadium events. The versatile Megadeck ply top stage can be used in conjunction with other shapes and sizes for various stage configurations. A range of surfaces and finishes can be applied for each unique event.

megadeck plywood stage


One of the most commonly asked questions is, how do I build a stage outdoors? The strength of Megadeck staging is its ability to stage in any environment and the outdoors is no trouble at all. Able to build on any surface such as grass, sand, cobbled stones, streets and sloping areas. If you need to provide a level platform for outdoor entertaining, Megadeck can provide a safe and accessible stage that will give you all the room you need for your performance or extra space for guests.

Audience Seating, Tiered Seating Riser, Bleachers


By tiering the Megadeck stages, an audience riser is easily created. Based on the number of guests and the space available in any given location, a simple calculation determines the amount of levels required. Megadeck bleachers can be set up indoors or outdoors and are erected with bracing and handrails for a safe and simple solution for elevating an audience.

Pool Cover, Pool Staging


When space is at a premium and you want to provide as much floor space as possible for your guests why not try the Megadeck alloy stage as a pool cover. Able to cover any sized pool, no matter the shape or location, our stages provide a safe and functional entertainment space over your pool. Special waterproof packers ensure a safe and even weight distribution across pool tiles and adjustable leg heights allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to pool curvatures and depths. Stage bracing and handrails add to the safe and reliable structure so your guests can party on what would otherwise be an unworkable space.