Hotel and venue stages


The Challenge

Hotels and venues typically have limited space for portable stages, so a stage that can be easily assembled and dismantled for various events throughout the day is important. You need a portable staging system which can easily be tailored to the look of each event and stored away when not in use. If you need the stage assembled and dismantled, you will also require qualified and professional staff to quickly set up and pack down the portable staging at the end of the event.

Hotel & Venue Stage Solutions

The Rollaway stage was built with hotels and small venues in mind, as it can be easily wheeled in, unfolded and packed away. Acrylic bars, catwalks, runways, speech stages and stage extensions can also be created from our array of staging products. Megadeck provides professional, prompt and dedicated staff to quickly set up and pack down the portable staging at your venue.

Megadeck offers a variety of Portable Staging options for hotels and other venues

Ballroom Staging

ballroom stage megadeck

Catering for any venue, Megadeck stages can be used to create unique exhibition staging, stage extensions, or centre pieces for any event. In addition, all peripheral stage elements such as disabled access wheelchair ramps, registration tables, bars, draping, stairs, media walls and lecterns can be supplied for your hotel and venue staging needs.

Bar Staging

acrylic bar megadeck

Using straight or curved staging, a wide range of portable staging styles can be achieved to create a bar. Complimented by different finishes, decal prints, glass and bottle shelving, the bar can be used in indoor or outdoor settings.


presentation stage mercedes benz megadeck

For special events requiring a stage for speeches, awards and ceremonies, Megadeck can provide a range of sizes, styles and shapes to match your desired theme. Our staging hire options include elegant stairs, lecterns, podiums and media walls. Presentation stages can be set up as a new temporary addition to your venue or in conjunction with an existing stage.

Rollaway stage

rollaway stage megadeck

The ideal staging for any hotel or venue is the Rollaway stage. This mobile, compact, lightweight and easy to use portable staging option can be set up by just one person in under 60 seconds. It’s also a portable staging option that can fit in any small lift so it can be used on different levels of a hotel or venue, providing maximum versatility.

As president of the South Melbourne Business Association I would like to thank Megadeck for putting my hotels onto the Rollaway decks. We use them nearly every day for our corporate meetings, team presentations, live music the ease to which we are able to set up and pull down is unbelievable. We are able to neatly store them away and the fact that they are on wheels means that one person is able to do this on their own, keeping labour costs down.

Sam Tresise

Managing Director , Commercial Hospitality Group

For years we’d been using old, unstable and extremely heavy pieces of staging that took more than 3 people half an hour to put in place, and took up ridiculous amounts of storage space. With the Roll-Away it takes 1 staff member less than 10 minutes to set the staging up entirely from start to finish. It looks immaculate, professional, and solid. We recommend this product, and the Megadeck company, to anyone that’s willing to listen!

Markus Eschmann

Club Operations Manager , The Australian Golf Club