Flats, Media Wall


  • Standard Dimensions: 2400mm T x 1200mm W x 70mm D.
  • Custom Dimensions: Can be any height, length and width required for specific event or venue.
  • Narrow Returns of 600mm can be attached to the sides.
  • Constructed from lightweight pine structure with MDF front.
  • Supported a 600mm deep A-Frame with weighted shot bags for stability.
  • Alterations -Include custom colours, vinyl decals, wall papering and cut outs for objects.
  • Australian made
Flats, Media Wall

Standard Flats

The standard Megadeck flats come in a range of sizes and heights, as off the shelf items. A narrow flat commonly used as a return provides a 3 sided wall. With an option of black or white, our black flats can be used as a discrete partition in a room or venue. For a bolder statement, a white flat can be used as a standalone item or draped in banners, vinyls or decals and used as media walls.

Custom Flats, Media Wall

Custom Flats

Our custom flats can have any colour, texture or concept applied. Any number of finishing’s, such as wallpaper can be applied; cut outs can be made to incorporate hanging objects, like flat screen TV’s. A specific size can be manufactured to perfectly fit within any space.

Control Desk Surround

Control Desk

By flipping an idea on its head, a range of new concepts can be achieved. In particular, for the AV industry, having a standard flat flipped on its side allows for a partition/wall to be created. The control, sound desk can be hidden from view of an audience. Fully enclosed and supported, the control desk walls are a handy trick of the trade.