Fashion and catwalk stages


The Challenge

Fashion and Design events need a beautifully polished catwalk, runway or staging alternative that will work seamlessly with the look and feel of the exhibition. Maybe you need a high gloss acrylic catwalk, or a vinyl presentation stage. Or, you need a painted stage that works with the colour scheme of the night. The stage needs to be brought in, assembled, and packed down quickly after the event is finished.

Fashion Catwalks & Runway Stages

Megadeck has an array of stage tops to complement the look and feel of your event. Offering catwalks, runways, flats, drapes, podiums and more which can provide interesting and creative display options for your fashion & design exhibition. We also have many different stage tops available including shiny acrylics, glossy vinyls, and more. Megadeck can also paint our stages any colour you require. We even colour match. We provide side fascia, skirting or stickers and decals in your company’s logos or branding.

Megadeck has a variety of fashion and design staging options available

Catwalks & Runways

vinyl stages catwalk runway megadeck

The focal point of any fashion parade is the catwalk. Megadeck can provide a huge array of runways in different locations with various shapes, colours and surfaces. Catwalks are created to different widths and acrylics, vinyls or painted plywoods can be used as the catwalk surfaces.

Stage Flats & Drapes

flats drapes - catwalk stage hire megadeck

Stage Flats with limitless colours, textures and finishes can crafted for your special event. Drape hire is also available and can be used as room partitions, dressing rooms or to cover certain areas in a venue.

Photo shoot risers

myer autumn racing 2013 white acrylic stage megadeck

Tiered staging can create a multilevel stage for models, providing adequate space for each individual and the right sightline for photographers / videographers. Photo shoot risers can be clad in a variety of colours, surfaces and textures, ideally suited for a specific shoot.

Rotating stages

catwalk stage hire, runway stage hire - Megadeck

Revolving rounds can be used in fashion photo shoots and TVCs. Megadeck’s round stages come in an array of diameters, and the rotating motor settings can be adjusted to different speed settings and operated by remote control.

Right from the get go you were so accommodating and an absolute joy to work with, the installation that happened on Tuesday was faultless and the team that did the set-up went beyond my expectations and help me out with everything.

I will without a doubt be using you again in the future and will ensure to pass on your company details to anyone else in the industry that needs staging etc. Thank you also for keeping the one customised piece for us.


Sarah Ferguson

National Visual Merchandising Manager, Seafolly

Fashion Forward Runway Show