The go anywhere nature of Megadeck staging reaches new heights with rooftop staging.

To launch the unveiling of a new apartment building in Parramatta, an opening night party took place to mark the moment.

Staging is often required on the top floor of venues to take full effect of the view or venue space. This however is often problematic because access is restrictive with small goods lifts or tight hallways. Megadeck has many different sized stage pieces which can easily accommodate such issues. The smaller units are used to ultimately create a large stage because they are more access friendly.

Although not the first time Megadeck staging has been used in a rooftop setting, using a gigantic construction crane was just one more way in which to hoist a stage in position.

In this particular scenario, the Megadeck stages were placed on set carts to make lifting an easy option. These set carts are generally used for storage and transport which allows for bulk movement, forklift use and the ability to crane large stacks of equipment.

As can be seen in the image above, the Megadeck stages are lifted onto the rooftop, installed by the Megadeck crew and finished off by a marquee and theming elements. Where others say it can’t be done, Megadeck says what time do you need it installed?

Every event has its own set of unique challenges and this translates into a vast collective knowledge to provide practical solutions to every event need.

If you are hosting an event and thinking creatively about how to do something unusual which may seem impractical, do not despair, and simply call the Megadeck team to see how we can make your event and huge success.

The images below show examples of events that and product launches that are out of the ordinary but possible with just a little bit ok know how.

Photo Credit (left to right)-James Morgan, Jakob De Zwart and JAG


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